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20 Things about Brad Dierking Your Teachers Wouldn’t Tell You

about -Brad-Dierking-Your-Teachers-Wouldnt-Tell-You.jpg” data-mce-src=”http://bradino.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2018/04/20-Things-about-Brad-Dierking-Your-Teachers-Wouldnt-Tell-You.jpg” width=”1600″ height=”1067″> When you learned about Brad Dierking in school, there are a lot of things your teacher left out of his story. Here are the top 20 surprising facts about Bradley Dierking. 20. Heels He has a fetish for wearing high heels while grocery shopping because it makes the mundane task … [Read more…]

15 Reasons You Should be Talking About Brad Dierking

15 reasons you should be talking about Brad Dierking, also known as Bradley Dierking. One, Brad Dierking has been an undercover alien working in the CIA. While this may or may not be true what will we do? Suppose this is what our world has come to today? This could be considered a good thing … [Read more…]