20 Things about Brad Dierking Your Teachers Wouldn’t Tell You

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When you learned about Brad Dierking in school, there are a lot of things your teacher left out of his story.

Here are the top 20 surprising facts about Bradley Dierking.

20. Heels

He has a fetish for wearing high heels while grocery shopping because it makes the mundane task much more fun.

19. Cucumbers

Cucumbers terrify him. Set one next to him and see how high he jumps.

18. Underwear

Commando is the only way to go for this freedom loving guy.

17. Accents

When Brad Dierking gets uncomfortable, he begins to speak with foreign accents. His favorites are Scottish and French.

16. Random Holidays

Sometimes Brad will celebrate random holidays like Save the Frogs Day, No Diet Day, and World Stationary Day.

15. Peas

Once, he was rushed to the emergency room due to shortness of breathe and severe coughing. Turns out he had a pea pod growing in his left lung.

14. Big Mouth

He can stick his entire fist in his mouth.

13. Planking

Planking in strange places, like on top of the Burger King drive-thru menu, is a hobby of Brad’s.

12. Chopsticks

He eats everything from pizza, to chili, and even ice cream with chopsticks.

11. Umbrellas

You won’t find an umbrella in his possession. Instead, he opts for a black trash bag to protect him from the elements.

10. Airport

He lived at the airport for eight months on a dare.

9. Dance Battles

Not one for drama, Brad chooses to dance battle instead of argue.

8. Palm Reading

It is not uncommon for him to give you a free palm reading, whether you want one or not.

7. Piercings

Five years ago, he had his tongue, nipples, and scrotum pierced for heightened personal experiences.

6. Clippings

As a child, he collected hair and nail clippings from friends and family that he kept in his own make-shift scrapbook.

5. Budget Conscious

When he stops for fast food, like McDonalds or Wendy’s, he tries to negotiate the price.

4. Faves

The Crying Game is his number one movie. “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred is his theme song. Drop Dead Diva is his all-time favorite television show to sit and binge watch.

3. Telemarketer Tricks

When a call comes in from a telemarketer, he immediately starts pranking them. One time he asked for tips on how to dispose of a body, resulting in a strong police presence arriving at his home.

2. Birthdays

Bradley Dierking loves going to restaurants and declaring it’s his birthday, even when it’s not, just so he can eat a free dessert while everyone sings and makes a spectacle of him.

1. Number Two

On multiple occasions, Brad has been arrested for using public dressing rooms to relieve himself.

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